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Innovation community platform
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What is making us unique?

Achieve almost any collective activities

with an extensive set of powerful modules, covering almost any collaboration use cases.

For members and admins.

An attractive design to please and engage your community. Easy to manage for admins.

With modular attractive plans

Only pay for what you use, probably much less than existing solutions.

NETWORK - COLLABORATIon - custom processes

Start easy with one of our plans.
Evolve whenever you want.


Social network, Ideas, Q&A, messaging, video calls.
Immediate start with a plug & play package.
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Empower your innovation Communities with a Multi-Groups Collaboration Platform.
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Boost Innovation inside out or outside in, with
Custom Process-Oriented Smart spaces.
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What our customers say about us

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The MARYLINK team was able to offer us a simple and attractive interface for our users while always listening to us :)

Head of Communication at Le Village By Crédit Agricole PCA
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MARYLINK has built our tailor-made open innovation platform in record time. The result is stunning!

Chief Innovation Officer at Symag by Wynd

An Easy Community Suite

Order today, and enjoy an attractive community experience tomorrow!

  1. 🌱 Start easy-peasy with our plan: EasyConnect

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    Enjoy a simple yet powerful digital social network for your community. Discover EasyConnect

  2. 🌿 Move from a social network to a collaborative community with our plan: EasyCollab

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    Unlimited collaboration groups nested in a digital social network. Discover EasyCollab

  3. 🌴 Turn your collaborative community into an innovation community
    with our plan: EasyNov

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    A process-oriented community platform supporting most co-innovation activities, such as open innovation projects, hackathons, customer co-creation, crowdsourcing,
    and more. Discover EasyNov

No more jumps from apps to apps!

🤝 An Unified Platform

in lieu of 4+ different collaborative platforms!

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+ Incredible Extensions

Make it yours with our 💪 powerful extensions!
Available for all plans.

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MARYLINK is used by leading R&D labs in the Paris Saclay Innovation Ecosystem

since 2015

Winner of French Ministry of Justice Hackathon

MARYLINK platform has been chosen based on features and flexibility. The only platform that was able to securely manage the French ecosystem of "Work of general interest" under the Ministry of justice.

A digital platform dedicated to General interest work (TIG in French). To put businesses, local authorities and associations in touch with one another in order to dynamically offer general interest work positions...

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French ministry of Justice
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Some use cases

Establish trustful relations with customers, partners, employees. All the tools you need to build, manage, and engage.


Leverage collective intelligence.


Break silos, transform your organization.

Customer Success

Promote regular sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Business & Sourcing

Create a marketplace, fund new projects.

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Award winning technology

Blockchain app co-funded by the EU.

MARYLINK is using brand new award winning blockchain network solutions co-funded by the European Union.

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