Full-Stack Open Innovation Platform for Creative Ecosystems.

Easy to use, Flexible and Cost Effective.

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Does your organization strugle to:

Engage users and manage your ecosystem?
Test new ideas without overinvesting?
Unify all your digital tools?

From small innovation teams to advanced innovation ecosystems

Integrate a thriving innovation community wherever your audience is, all under your own brand

Change the rules of the innovation game

What is making us unique?

Because innovation is our expertise,

we have developed advanced tools to innovate in small groups or on a large scale.

All your collaborative apps unified.

let your users focus on the essentials with an intuitive and attractive clean interface.

with Modular hybrid open source

You only pay for what you need and what you buy, you pay much less than most proprietary solutions.

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MARYLINK is used by leading R&D labs in the Paris Saclay Innovation Ecosystem

since 2015

Winner of French Ministry of Justice Hackathon

MARYLINK platform has been chosen based on features and flexibility. The only platform that was able to securely manage the French ecosystem of "Work of general interest" under the Ministry of justice.

A digital platform dedicated to General interest work (TIG in French). To put businesses, local authorities and associations in touch with one another in order to dynamically offer general interest work positions...

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French ministry of Justice
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Multiple use cases

With advanced permissions management, establish trustful relations with customers, partners, employees.


Leverage collective intelligence, involving everyone in your trusted innovation processes.


Break silos, transform your organization with new secured communication channels. 

Customer Success

Promote easy and regular share of real time protected knowledge and experiences.

Business & Sourcing

Create a secure marketplace where members can safely source intellectual properties, fund new projects.

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Award winning technology

Blockchain app co-funded by the EU.

MARYLINK is using brand new award winning blockchains networks solutions co-funded by the European Union.

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No more jumps from system to system!

An Unified Platform

in lieu of 4+ different web tools!

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Join a growing list of leading innovation ecosystems, get your own platform now!

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