Blockchain secures the intellectual property of your platform content.

Through a powerful independant and distributed system of digital proof.

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Blockchain enhances trust
by securing intellectual property

Innovation requires knowledge sharing.
Will you contributors freely share it?

Now, they can securely and freely contribute (ideas, solutions, code, documents...)
without putting their intellectual property at risk.

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Based on Ethereum Blockchain (ETH), leader in the market.


Easily stamp the contributions, get the PDF proof (certificate) in one click.


The blockchain system is independant from the publication platform, it cannot be controled and manipulated.


Simple and Powerful IP protection with the Ethereum Blockchain

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Stamp your content in real time

"Notarize" your content creation, create a unique serial number for your content and ideas.

Protect your copyright and download the proof

Download PDFs that indisputably proof the existence of your content, on your website, at different moments in time.

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Modifications tracking

More transparency leads to more trust. Show how and when content changed.

Structure your content,
Be ready for the future!

Authenticity should not only be verifiable for humans, but also for search engines and social media networks. Timestamps will be added to the structured data to make this happen.

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Give a strong signal of trust by securing the IP of your contributors.

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The platform owner can't control the blockchain: IP proofs are securely stored in an independant system.

Send a strong signal of Trust

Securing contributions increase collaboration while avoiding free-riders.

Secure knowledge sharing

The best ideas are secured: they can be shared!

Secure the intellectual property of your platform content.

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