Finally a digital platform that can show a positive Return On Investment!

What if you could 3 times better return on investment in your innovation initiatives while Cutting your Saas bills in 3?

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MARYLINK helps you control your saas costs

Hack your SaaS bill!

Average spending per user per year ranges from $1300 to $3500, and growing...
But far less with MARYLINK!

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Cut costs, not Features!

MARYLINK is the only digital platform able to combine triple play features,
such as a digital Workplace, a community solution, and an innovation platform.

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Cost-effective while delivering more value?

Rather than reinventing the wheel by producing proprietary code, we leverage powerful, yet cost-effective open-source models and technologies.
This allows richer, more agile, and secure solutions, and at the same time, paradoxically, more cost-effective alternatives.
Unlike other open innovation solutions, that do not use open innovation to innovate in their own products :) we are constantly co-creating with our customers and ecosystem of open source developpers.

Cost control

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Optimize your budget through modularity

We have made our solution modular.
You no longer have to pay for a ‘one size fits all’ proprietary monolith, which will make your bills skyrocket, and which will require additional support for confused users. It is as simple as adding Lego blocks.

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Avoid the digital time bomb

Too many digital tools creates disconnectivity and new digital silos. This might blast away your agility at scale.

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