Looking for a simple and efficient solution to manage your open innovation projects?

Open innovation requiers specific processes to efficiently manage innovation projects. We will build your 100% custom solution to meet your company’s workflows, roles, business culture, and open innovation contexts.


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Your Open Innovation Projects Made Easy

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Your customized solution that simplifies and boosts
your open innovation projects.

Custom Processes and Workflows

Customized business processes to collaborate, monitor and validate the stages of your projects. Unlimited steps and workflows adapted to your activity.
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Internal and External Contributors

Involve internal collaborators, external contributors (experts, customers, partners...) or both at each stage of your projects, easily and securely.

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Tailor-Made Collective Intelligence Tools

Benefit from a wide range of tailor-made collective intelligence tools:
✔️ Ideas box
✔️ Innovation contests (internal, external or mixed)
✔️ Multi-criteria proposal ratings
✔️ Expert evaluations
✔️ Cost estimates
✔️ Probability of success forecasts
✔️ Questions and Answers
✔️ Calls for proposals, and more!

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Motivate and Engage Contributors

A solution that boosts the engagement of your teams and partners:
✔️ Onboarding and custom tutorials for collaborators
✔️ Easy recruitment of new contributors
✔️ Gamification of objectives
✔️ Notifications
✔️ Newsletters, and more.

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Stay in control

A "no code" turnkey solution for an easy supervision: statistics, reports, graphics, moderation capabilities, bulk invite collaborators, and more.

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Tailor-Made Solution

that totally fits your context, digital maturity and objectives.

Innovation Booster

Simplifies the management and accelerates your open innovation projects.

No More Headaches

Spending less time coordinating means more time innovating!

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We will be there for you.

Choosing MARYLINK CustomProjects also means benefiting from
our open innovation experts who will accompany you throughout your projects lifecycles.

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Will it cost you an arm and a leg?

Not at all! We have developed advanced modules that allow to build custom features, interfaces and processes in "NO CODE" manner. A Custom solution will mean for you a quick, cost efficient and highly customizable solution over time.