So easy! Your community will love it!

Our solution has been designed with and for users.
Users and admins can set things up and collaborate
with only few clicks.

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Your ecosystem is unique. It deserves a fresh and attractive design!

At MARYLINK, we trust in a fresh outlook with the latest functionality and design trends.

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An easy start.

Whatever your goals are, begin with our "core" solution within a matter of days. There is no need to impose a lot of changes on your organization’s platform that will take a long time to roll out. Our platforms are turnkey and easy to implement, using one of our ready to go pre-defined spaces templates. Then add more advanced spaces, and bespoke workflows, as your users’ engagement picks up.

A joy to use!

Your community needs to be a vibrant, go-to, place that is easy for everyone in your organization or ecosystem to use. MARYLINK platforms are built around existing social web tools, in a simplified but powerful manner. We have kept what really added value by using a unique approach that keeps content relevant to each user. They will immediately feel at home with our intuitive interface. For those who don’t regularly use social tools in their private lives, we have designed it to make them feel comfortable as well.


Your design, your content.

Since MARYLINK uses an open source content management, you will get a lot of design options to really make the platform yours. You can design beautiful pages using our ‘point and click page builder’ extension. Then you can insert queries from your collaborative publications to show fresh, dynamic content the way you like, where you like it.

The smart choice for your innovation projects.

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