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A novel solution for innovation ecosystem orchestration.

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Marylink is fixing the gaps between your different ecosystems

80% of innovation platforms are failing. They are not capable of producing the expected return on investment. Because they focus solely on open innovation. Whereas the critical factor is to fuse their three different ecosystems: knowledge, innovation and business.

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All features to support your ecosystems.

MARYLINK is the only solution capable of manage your Knowledge, innovation and business ecosystems within a single platform.

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Trustful Ecosytem Platforms

The future is now!


A modular architecture with social network, extra modules and add-ons.


Cover the full range of ecosystem interactions and activities.

NO CODE approach

Customize and craft your platform easily with only few clicks.

blocKChain your IP

Timestamp content in the blockchain with unlimited tracked changes.

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Powerful Smart Spaces

Get your powerful and custom collaborative solution

Your ecosystem is unique. It deserves a fresh and attractive design!

At MARYLINK, we trust in a fresh outlook with the latest functionality and design trends.


Unified interface supporting your innovation initiatives

"An ecosystem is the network of cross-industry players who work together to define, build and execute market-creating customer and consumer solutions", Accenture

Digital Workplace




Marketing and sales



One Size Fits-All
Lack of Trust

Several propietary collaborating tools are obsoleting really fast these days. For example, they lack the agility, security and features that new hybrid nextgen models can provide.


Too many tools and platforms lead ecosystem actors (such as employees, citizens or partners) to be lost.

✔ An ecosystem platform is a unique entry point for many services

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Monolitic platforms (one size fits-all)

Most current platforms use a monolitic model: it is way too difficult, too costly or too slow to change the digital organisation.

✔ An ecosystem plateform evolves faster to cope with stakeholders' needs

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Who or what can you really trust?

A business ecosystem is relying on trust. If later on, your data can is manipulated, your intellectual properties copied and reuse elsewhere, the terms and conditions changed, or the platform shut down. How will you then, be able to claim your rights?

✔ The only way to secure business relationships as well as ownership of IP within a digital ecosystem is to link the platform with unbreakable and distributed encrypted chains.

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trust + agility + expandibility

Ecosystem Platforms

A MARYLINK ecosystem platform solves the multi-homing problem with trusted and agile processes.
Discover the new generation of collaborative innovation platforms!


For IP, link creators, proprietors and consumers in a chain of trust.


From tiny groups to the full ecosystem orchestration.


To manage value capture and nurture ecosystem growth.


A modular architecture allowing fast organisation evolution.


In our ecosystem platforms, the relationships can be tripartite, involving supplier(s), demand and complementor(s), while on traditional platforms, relationships are structured around the "supplier(s) - demanders" dyad.

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Take the lead,
Bring Trust

Don't wait for competition to disrupt your market.
Be the first mover.

Solve the Multi-homing problem

The multiplication of specialized platforms implies new logins, passwords, access management, compatibilities, addresses… It results in an explosion of complexity, which ends up disengaging the participants.
A MARYLINK ecosystem platform is the opposite :
It is only
one single hub.

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Bring Trust within your ecosystem

Through securing contributions IP.

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Avoid beeing disrupted

Travel agencies, hotels, taxis... Their common point? They were disrupted by platform actors (, Airbnb, Uber...). Why? Because they did not have their own ecosystem platform to co-innovate and grow together. Now, be the first movers!

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Defend against big players

A federated ecosystem is the best way for small actors to counter powerful economic actors. Your ecosystem is your competitive advantage. Use it!

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More Benefits!

Disruptive and sustained innovation

Ecosystem interactions are fostered. Actors experiment more, imagine new models and services.

Collective growth

Every ecosystem organisation and stakeholders get rewarded.

More sales

Close interactions with its ecosystem make organisations more efficient, leading to more sales.

Protection against competitors

Today, competition is between ecosystems. An ecosystem platform streighten organisations power.

Orchestrate your ecosystem

at any level

Internal ecosystem

Every organisation relies on an internal ecosystem constituted by all the employees.

External ecosystem

Direct stakeholders, such as partners, clients, experts, complementors and even competitors.

Extended ecosystem

Indirect organisation's partners, such as complementors' providers, regulators, and citizens.


An ecosystem of ecosystems: interconnected ecosystems sharing common objectives.

Get your innovative ecosystem platform

At MARYLINK, we create unique and disruptive digital collaboration solutions.


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