Advanced Events

Do you need to manage events booking?
To sale tickets?
To crowdsource events?
An events marketplace with commission sharing?

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Online Events made easy

Calendars, ticketing, connection with Eventbrite and powerful tools to manage your events from start to finish.

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Events Tickets

Collect RSVPs and Sell Tickets

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Promote your events

Connect with your community via email through every stage of your event.

Event Aggregator

Effortlessly fill your calendar with events from Meetup, Eventbrite, iCal, and more.

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Eventbrite Tickets

Create Eventbrite tickets and manage events from your dashboard.

Community Events

Allow visitors to add their own events to your calendar

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Community Tickets

Allow event organizers to sell tickets on your site

Take control of your tickets

Own your ticket sales
Create tickets right from your MARYLINK dashboard
(no third-party websites, no extra ticket processing fees).
✔ Tickets wherever you want them
✔ Robust ticket management 
✔ On-site event management 
✔ Online events 


Virtual Event Marketing Bundle

Optimize Your Calendar for Virtual Events
Highlight virtual events on your calendar and integrate them with your favorite online meeting tools.

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