Gamify user experience

Include game elements into your platform: set new objectives, missions, rewards… Bring more fun to user experience!
✔ Create rewarding experiences
✔ Motivate and engage your participants
✔ Bring more fun
✔ Allow participants to monitor their progress

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Make it fun and engaging


Rewarding experiences

Empower your people to work towards common goals and earn points, badges, rewards, leaderboards, ranks, certificates and achievements.

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How Does It Work?

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Award and deduct points to users as they achieve specific steps such as when consuming content or engaging with the community.


Members can earn or unlock ranks for completing specific steps and display badges and rank details on their user’s profile.

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Encourage your members to keep returning to your site by providing rewards such as unlocking additional content or additional discounts as they interact on your site.


Achievements provide a fun and interactive environment that rewards members for completing certain tasks and steps.


Advanced features


Allow users to unlock achievements and ranks through admin reviewed submissions.


Allow users to nominate others to unlock achievements and ranks.


Create coupons that users can redeem for points, achievements and/or ranks


New rest API endpoints to extend interaction between your gamification environment and external applications.

Points to buy in shop

If used together with MARYLINK e-commerce, let users partially pay a purchase by using points.

Social share

Award your users for sharing your website content on social network.

Gamify your collaborative experiences.

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