Hybrid Open Source

Our platform solution is built on a rich open-source ecosystem.

Our model enables you to get
more flexibility, more freedom, options and control.

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Hybrid open source, the nextgen model

MARYLINK is built on a decentralized and ecosystem supported, Hybrid open source platform, allowing the flexibility, control, and freedom required to launch and scale, without being held back by closed SaaS platforms.


Proprietary applications

  • You are limited to the features that come with the software, making it hard to grow and improve.

  • You have little or no control over how your web app functions. You are at the mercy of what the software owners decide.

  • You get stuck, and getting out can be very costly. Proprietary SaaS platforms do their best to keep you locked in, so migrating to a platform you control can cost you thousands of dollars.

  • It’s hard to grow! Growth always comes with changes and improvements. If you can’t implement a new tactic you learned in the last course you took, the software becomes a handicap to your growth.


MARYLINK Hybrid platform

  • You have flexibility, to extend the feature set should you come accross a unique scenario that is important for your project.

  • You have far more control over your web platform. Our software is open source based, which means it can easily be modified, add to and make changes to it.

  • You have freedom and options to grow and expand your site in several manners. You can even use the platform on your own servers. Being on MARYLINK gives you lots of options.

  • As you grow, the platform grows with you. You have the freedom to implement new tactics you learn, iterate and improve. Combined open source apps with blockchain, provides second to none scalability.

Discover MARYLINK's new hybrid model.

Learn more about our disruptive hybrid model.


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