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All the tools for your innovation journey

Collaborative problem-solving, iterations, experimentations...
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Be creative as a team

Spot ideas in conversations

Using the tag #idea, or your custom tags

Rich user content

Nominate experts as you require

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Advanced tags management

Using the tag #idea, or your custom tags

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Push projects' notifications

Connect ideation to user’s activity stream

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Easy access to external contributors

Set innovation projects as “recruiting” and broadcast your open or private call

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Find the best ideas with advanced reviews and filter tools

Advanced Custom Criterias

Multi-dimensional evaluations, with standard or custom criterias

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Double evaluation: Users and Experts

Separated evaluations: participants and experts reviews

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Economic predictions

Tap into the wisdom of crowds, estimate project success. Predict costs and Return On Investment (ROI).

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associate any custom space with


A timed challenge is a focused and time-limited form of innovation where you raise a desire, concern, or area of improvement with the hopes of finding creative solutions within time limits.
It typically starts off in the form of a question and is guided towards a specific audience, mandated by other preset parameters.

Add many challenges as you like

You can create hundreds of timed challenges. And thanks to MARYLINK's faceted search, users can easily search and find among a multitude of different challenges.

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Stage gate challenges

Break the project down into key stages, each with a key focus to help define and progress the idea or publication. Between each of the stages are the gates – decision points on whether to allow the project to continue further, into the next stage.

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Any kind of challenges

MARYLINK spaces challenges are not only ideas challenges. You can set any kind of challenges, for RFP, events, quotes, etc...

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Define custom steps

By setting different specifications and timing, you can customize your challenges to fit a variety of different use cases.

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Pick the right audience with advanced permissions management.

Decide who can see what in fine details, which members should in charge of running your challenge, facilitating the discussion, evaluating ideas, making decisions, as well as refining, and implementing ideas or decisions.
This is providing a way for different users to contribute while keeping some privacy for information and results.

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Add Follow-ups publications as you need.

Continuous interaction is vital in terms of keeping the participants interested, motivated, and informed. The primary focus of interaction should be in the form of constructive feedback and encouragement for the participants.

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Save templates to create challenges on the fly

No need to set everything up from scratch! You can save any challenges as templates and use them as you like.

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All you need for collaborative innovation.

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