Knowledge Management

Find everything your organization
knows about a topic
in just seconds.

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Knowledge management

The challenge of Intellectual capital

Companies today are building their competitive advantage by leveraging their intellectual capital, but existing solutions are far from making the most of it.
The challenge of intellectual capital comes from the variety of tools and proprietary applications, the volume of archives and knowledge to be constantly updated, staff turnover, and a diversity of industries and business functions.

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Advanced knowledge management features

It is good for your users be able to submit all kinds of contributions. But it is even better if your members can easily search, sort and visualize them.
And on top of that, your knowledge is timestamped in a blockchain. You will capitalize for good.

AI search

Advanced taxonomy

Multiple labels

Docs and videos Management

Multiple search options


One-click user subscriptions

Tailored notifications
per user

...and more

Knowledge management is one the key success factor

Get the right information
to the right person
at the right time

Allow your teams to work smarter with quick access to relevant content thanks to our specialised tools, templates and faceted tag functions.

Powerful sorting options

Sort publications with dates, mosts answers, best reviewed and more. From now on, all your articles, ideas, questions and answers, events and other publications will be easily accessible and can easily be brought to the surface. Even with a knowledge base with thousands of contributions.

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Document embedding

The documents deposited in the publications will be directly visible from the web pages, without necessarily having to open them.

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Advanced search

You have multiple options for sorting publications and advanced search. You can search by activity, nature of publications, tags and keywords.

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Your tags are suddenly smarter!
To manage your content properly, you need a powerful and flexible taxonomy. On each "Smart space", MARYLINK allows you to define a precise and space-limited choice of tags, or on the contrary, leave the choice of tags to the members. In this case, users will be encouraged to use existing tags with green highlighting.

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One-click user subscriptions

Your members all have their own interests. They may be interested in a specific topic, the answer to a specific question, or any new publication in a particular area. Now they can manage all subscriptions in one click. They will receive an email and a notification each time new content, to which they are subscribed, is published.

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Tailored notifications

Each of your members will be notified of new contributions and publications with the "New" badge, if this content was published after their last visit to the MARYLINK platform. This allows all members to easily get back in touch with the community, no matter how diligent they are.

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Tailored notifications in widgets

Also specific widgets allow members to easily find the content they have subscribed to with colored notification counters.

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Sort all activities in social news

From the Activity Feed, members have the ability to view and sort all activities. Publications, project tasks, new documents, team applications, etc…

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Profile quick views

By hovering the mouse over member profiles, one can easily view their contributions and other details.

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Advanced sorting widgets

In widgets, you can sort publications with budget, geolocation, dates and more.

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Immediately see who has done what in each space

By hovering the mouse over member avatars, one can easily view their contributions and other details.

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Similar publications preview with autcomplete

Before publishing a new idea, a new article, a support ticket, a question or any kind of publication, the system will automatically search for sumilar publications. This will allow your members to visualize and consult if necessary previous publications close to the subject of their current publication.

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Powerful knowledge management

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