You need better technology

NOT More technologies!


One of the problem with current digital platforms:

Nowadays, almost every single organisation uses a high and increasing number of digital platforms.

You need a CMS to communicate better.

You also need a private social network for internal conversations.

Then, an innovation management platform, because innovation is key.

Then, an e-learning platform, because it is essential as well.

Then, a co-creation platform to engage customers. Because you need to stay customer-focused rigth?

Another HR one to staff and acquire new talents. Because you need to recruit fast.

Many tools = increasing complexity and decreased agility

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The Years 2021+ challenge

Get out of the technology quicksands

Technology is driving process efficiencies,
yet too many technology tools can have the opposite effect. 

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Overwhelming and inefficient

Investing in multiple single-audience technology solutions results in a disjointed system. To complete a single task or series of tasks, an employee must understand the value each tool provides, navigate different user interfaces. etc This causes overwhelm and resistance to technology.

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Escalating and out of control costs

Investing in multiple single-purpose technology tools means higher costs. Most technology providers offer seat-based subscriptions; as your team grows, so the expenses for each platform you use. Additionally, maintenance requirements for each solution can result in productivity losses.

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Redundant data, overlaps, security issues

Real-time transaction management requires tools that seamlessly work together. When technology is segregated based on who you are communicating with, it silos information exchange and causes redundant data entry. Additionally, when tools do not “talk” to one another, highly-sensitive information is at risk.


How would be the ideal solution?

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A central trustful platform

Because trust is a key success factor of any platform initiative, we bring the most advanced trust technology: the blockchain.

A large set of powerful tools

Because being obliged to use different apps to complete a series of tasks, is killing your agility. you should have a handy ready to use and flexible tools.

More Scalable solution

Most projects start small, but they shall not be limited. We belive, that Being able to use scalable and decentralized open-source resources such as a blockchain, is the way forward.

Our value proposal

We waited until we could do it right. Then we did!

Open, flexible, feature-rich, the MARYLINK suite has been designed to help you make the most of your latent opportunities, with minimal investment. Those opportunities within your ecosystem, around your customers or managed resources, your partners and your employees.

A new disruptive model

The MARYLINK suite allows both a broad functional coverage, a multitude of possible variations of each function, and unparalleled scalability. Communication barriers between your employees and external users will easily fade away. Each user, according to his role, type of user or groups, his rank in the platform will have a different access and operating mode on each of the collaborative spaces.

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Emulate the big players

The MARYLINK suite allows you to imitate and test many models of digital platforms without having to go through heavy and expensive developments.

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Platforms to collaborate with an ecosystem

Organizations evolve towards more complexity and interdependance. Isolated projects attract new connexions, and isolated organisations join business ecosystems. Together, rather than alone, organisations collaborate and co-create value. We provide efficient solutions for organisational and ecosystemic collaboration.

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Hybrid Open-Source

Rather than proposing yet another proprietary software suite, and reinventing the wheel, MARYLINK has developed a hybrid formula, integrating the best tools of communication, collaboration, and knowledge management available in open source; together with an advanced social and workflow (in-house made) engine.

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We help organizations be more efficient, better engage users while spending less.

After 4 years of development, we are proud to present our new collaborative suite. We built it to cover a wide range of collaborative needs: from project management to entire ecosystem support.

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One central hub for endless collaborative possibilities.


From small groups to huge communities.

No code

An intuitive way to design and customize the ideal solution

Deep functional richness

We provide the right tools for different types of collaboration.

Real time content protection

Unlike all other platforms, the more content is shared on a MARYLINK, the more it gets protected, thanks to direct link into blockchain.


Because organizations can no longer afford to empile different pricey systems.

Now, the risk is no longer to do.
Your biggest risk is to wait…

MARYLINK plateforms help organizations make the most of their latent opportunities.

why us?

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