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There is no one size fits all model. We all know success grows and needs changes over time. MARYLINK plans are cost-effective options that enable you to get started a model that's right for you and grows in a predictable, future-proof way.

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Based on your requirements, you can start with a social ideation platform (social network + ideation)

or an extended innovation solution for your Ecosystem.

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We are taking only a few new projects per month. So we will need first to verify your eligibility, and currently there is a waiting list.

Next delivery batch will start beginning of APRIL


Award winning technology

Blockchain app co-funded by the EU.

MARYLINK is using brand new award winning blockchains networks solutions co-funded by the European Union.

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MARYLINK is used by leading R&D labs in the Paris Saclay Innovation Ecosystem

since 2015

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Winner of French Ministry of Justice Hackathon

MARYLINK platform has been chosen based on features and flexibility. The only platform that was able to securely manage the French ecosystem of "Work of general interest" under the Ministry of justice.

A digital platform dedicated to General interest work (TIG in French). To put businesses, local authorities and associations in touch with one another in order to dynamically offer general interest work positions...

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French ministry of Justice
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