Designing Platforms To Manage Coopetition

Innovation comes from collaboration and competition. At MARYLINK, we build the first platforms designed to manage both.

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MARYLINK Research program focus innovation performance in coopetition contexts.

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Co-founder, CTO
Lead Scientist

Twitter: @MehdiElmoukhlis

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Mehdi’s research about coopetition platforms includes:

Crowdsourcing collective intelligence through coopetition.
MIT Collective Intelligence conference, New York Stern University.
Elmoukhliss, M., Renard, D., Zhao, Z., Balagué, C.

What affects creative performance in idea co-creation: competitive, cooperative or coopetitive climate?
International Journal of Innovation Management, 20(4).
Zhao, Z., Renard D., Elmoukhliss, M., & Balagué, C.

From competition to coopetition: the new forms of idea crowdsourcing.
French Management Review, 267(43).
Elmoukhliss, M., Renard D., Zhao, Z., & Balagué, C.

A trust-based multi-agent approach to evaluate idea crowdsourcing platforms’ performance.
French Multi-Agent Systems Conference (JFSMA), Caen University.
Louati, A., Balagué, C., & Elmoukhliss, M.

Coopetition innovation contests: design and effects on user behaviors.
Information and Communication Technologies in Organizations and Society conference (ICTO). ISC Paris.
Zhao, Z., Elmoukhliss, M., Renard, D., & Balagué, C.


Innovation and Coopetition
are intertwined.

When it turns to innovation, you can't escape coopetition.

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Coopetition is everywhere

20 years of research show that coopetition situations are very common (Bengtsson et al., 2016).

Coopetition is linked with innovation

Innovation management implies dealing with coopetition (Park et al., 2014).

Coopetition is paradoxical

Collaborating with a competitor is not easy (Raza-Ullah et al., 2014). MARYLINK helps you manage this paradox.


The link with innovation?

Competition is unavoidable, yet often detrimental to collective dynamics.
Collaboration is a must, yet often overrated for collective intelligence.

Can we get the best of both worlds?

Coopetition between organizations

An innovation ecosystem makes competitors collaborate to straighten the strategic position of its stakeholders, in a context of competition between ecosystems.

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Coopetition between ideas

Innovators share competing ideas, yet they have to collaborate to make real breakthroughs.

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Coopetition between individuals

Innovation crowdsourcing leads explicitely or implicitely to coopetition between users for status: who is the most innovative? The most supportive? Competition for status must be balanced with collaboration for projects.

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Coopetition as an innovation driver

Competitors share the same problems. That's why they are the best potential collaborators.

Innovation is a resource intensive activity. It requires tons of knowledge, and often massive financial investment. For a company, managing the risk of failure alone is not always the smartest option. Coopetition can help.

But research is still lacking.

MARYLINK's Research Program aims at finding the right platform design to manage a constructive coopetition between innovation partners.


Blockchain as part of the solution

Blockchain is a powerful technology well suited for coopetition management. It helps reduce intellectual property tensions and increase trust: “Blockchain provides a trustworthy environment, without requiring trust in any single entity. In contrast, in the traditional model participants who do not trust each other need to agree on a third party which is trusted by all. Blockchain can replace this trusted third party. This is of particular interest in cases of coopetition.”
Weber et al. (2016)

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