Why to choose MARYLINK?
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Discover why our solutions are unique, powerful, simple and innovative.

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Get the services you need.

Whatever your context and your objectives, we can help. You can subscribe to individual services in competitive strategy, community management, content management, design and marketing, and security, or we can also manage the whole project for you. Whatever you need, we will set up strategies that ensure your community prospers and grows.


Co-build with MARYLINK

As opposed to traditional proprietary software vendors, we are aiming to co-build with our customers. If you require something specific, which we believe makes good sense for the community, we will build this for you and our other clients, and as a result, you'll get custom development at a fraction of the total cost.

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Optimize your budget through modularity.

We have made our solution modular. You no longer have to pay for a ‘one size fits all’ proprietary monolith, which will make your bills skyrocket, and which will require additional support for confused users. It is as simple as adding Lego blocks.

A disruptive new model for collaborative innovation.

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